Rise Against: Endgame

Back in November I got a call from Interscope/Geffen Records to shoot Rise Against for their upcoming studio album to be released in March of this year. Having worked with Rise Against several times in the past and being a fan of not only the guys but the music itself, I happily accepted.

They were still recording the album in Ft. Collins Colorado, so a month later Jacob and I were on a plane to Colorado. The first day we spent over 8 hours location scouting with the creative director and just around 8 to 10 hours shooting in an abandoned farm the next day. With winds consistent at 40 mph we used a lot of sandbags and managed to break only one strobe.

Equipment list was as follows...

Canon 5D
Canon 17-40mm
Canon 24-105mm
Alien Bee 1600 heads (4x)
Alien Bee 13' Stands (3x)
Alien Bee 22' Beauty Dish
Vagabond II Power Pack
Profoto Pro-7B/B2 Battery (4x)
Profoto Pro-7B Beauty Dish 22" (2x)
Profoto Pro-B Head (3x)
Pocket Wizard Plus II (4x)
C-Stand (4x)
C-Stand Extention Arm and Grip head (2x)
15lb sandbag (10x)

A few weeks after the shoot I got another call from Interscope asking me to shoot the Album cover and interior. The concept was discussed and I spent the next day outside in the cold with 10 year old Mason and his mother.

Here are some photos of the end product, as well as a video I found of someone un-boxing it.

The week following its release was exciting, as those photos (especially the cover shot) were popping up everywhere. I grabbed a few for kicks.

Front page of absolutepunk.net

iTunes customer E-mail

Interscope/Geffen Records

Here's a video on the band's website of them making the record. There is a small portion of our shoot near the end you can catch if you'd like.

The guys of Rise Against are some of the greatest around and continue to impress audiences worldwide. I am very grateful to be a part of their story.

Endgame was released on March 15th so if you haven't already, go pick up your copy in stores or on itunes pronto!

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